Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where is my print?

      It can take between 48 - 72 hours of lead time before prints can shipped which is due to processing and printing time at various locations worldwide. Delivery times after that depend on country… see estimated times below.

      👉 Please note: shipping times exclude customs delays as these are unfortunately out of our control.

    • Do you offer tracking?

      We don’t yet offer tracking due to keeping the overall cost down, which is why shipping is included in the price of your print. Though, we’re looking into providing more shipping options in future.

    • Where do you ship to?

      We currently ship to the 19 countries listed below.

    • How much is shipping?

      Shipping is free, no matter where you are! 🤸

    • What paper do you use?

      We use 200gsm Enhanced Matte Art paper, which is a premium, heavyweight and slightly textured fine art paper with a smooth, clean finish.

    • I don’t use Strava

      No worries! We accept GPX or KML files from most popular devices, which you can upload manually.

    • My Strava activities aren't loading

      Make sure you the Strava activities are yours, they are public and that you've ticked 'View data about your activities' when Strava asks you for access.

    • Can I add multiple routes?

      Of course! Theoretically there's no limit, though we constrain all activities coordinates to 1000 points. Ultimately it depends on how many routes your computer can handle.

    • Can I use miles instead of kilometers?

      We’re currently looking into this but for now, we suggest converting your values manually and entering them into the relevant text areas within the print. Regardless, data from Strava or GPX files will always be measured in metric units and we’d recommend that you double-check the values are correct.

    • Does it come framed?

      Of course! Please select which framed option you'd like when creating your print.

    • Are my card details secure?

      We use Stripe to handle all transations using a certified, secure encryption and do not store any financial data ourselves.

    • Do you offer returns or refunds?

      Since a print is highly personalised we can’t offer returns, but if you're really unsatisfied please let us know what it is you’re not happy with and we can either sort it out or offer a full refund.

    • Your app doesn't work in my phone or browser

      We support as many devices as possible and are constantly testing across many different screen sizes, aspect ratios and browsers. If you do have any issues or something doesn’t seem quite right, please let us know and/or ensure you’re using the latest versions of either Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    • Can I just purchase a map without an activity/route?

      Absolutely! You could make a print of any area such as your local neighbourhood or a memorable, special place. If you don’t want any text labels, just delete them from the text fields in the ‘labels’ section and they'll disappear from the print.