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    Choose a theme style and add your Strava/GPX data from an event or adventure onto a personalised print — from £15.

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    Where possible, we use trusted printers closest to you, reducing carbon emissions.

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    Water-based inks, sustainably sourced paper, plastic-free & vegan… smash!

    Art Prints new!

    A range of adventure-themed artworks to keep you motivated.

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    Event Organisers

    We design bespoke, branded prints for your events and/or offer sponsor discounts for your participants.

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    The easiest way to gift a print to loved ones, which they can personalise.

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    “It’s going to be great to have the Paper Trails map up on my wall to remember some of those experiences. After all that's what we do all this for. The experience.”

    David Bourke
    Tour Divide Finisher 2019

    Paper Trails is a family run (ha!) business.
    We’re runners, cyclists and only sell products we’d buy ourselves. 
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