Paper Trails was created by South African brothers Adam (the developer) and Jake (the designer) Brewer, based in Bristol, UK. Runners, climbers and cyclists in a digital world.

    Adam and Jake running through the Alps
    Halfway through a 160km (over a few days) UTMB recce run – 2016
    Adam, Jake and Grant
    Halfway back to London after the Dunwich Dynamo – 2018

    We wanted to create something beautiful and tactile for those memorable moments and achievements – something to display in the home or office and treasure rather than being tossed into a box.

    Somewhere cold and miserable – good memories are best served cold
    Adam and Jake
    Beers after cycling from London to Brugge, in one of those alcoves. You use this word, "alcove"?

    You can recreate any single or multi-stage adventure using any combination of Strava activities or GPX file(s), customised with your own theme, colours and activity details.

    Bespoke Prints

    Are you an event organiser? Or perhaps you simply want to remember a favourite holiday location, an epic road trip or admire the city you live in? We can create unique prints! Get in touch: